Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 1 : The Word is THE WORD

Last night, I went to youth as usual. I checked in, I talked to my friends, played Invisible Football with everybody, and went to sit down and worship. Something about worship was different last night, though. I felt this powerful love over the entire room. I could tell God was with us as we were praising Him. I thought I might as well share the my favorite song with you that we sang last night.


After we worshiped, my youth pastor, Adam, came to share the Word with us. When you go from such a powerful worship to a powerful sermon, your emotions start to overflow. Multiple times I found myself tearing up because God would start speaking to me. I really felt like last night was supposed to reach out to me. And I am so thankful it did, because if it hadn't, I wouldn't have started this blog. 

Adam talked about a time when Jesus was tempted by Satan in Matthew 4:1-11. I have it linked if you would like to go read it, or you can look it up in your bible.

The Bible says that Jesus was in the desert for forty days. (Forty days is actually mentioned in the Bible in the Old Testament with Noah's Ark, but that's another day's post.) He was hungry, so Satan took the opportunity to tempt Jesus. He told Him that if he was so powerful to turn stone into bread. Jesus, being the awesome guy that He is, used scripture against Satan. But Satan is powerful as well. He told Jesus if He was the Son of God to jump off the cliff and let the angels of heaven catch Him. Jesus responded that You Should Never Tempt The Lord.

Satan likes to twist God's word into something it is not. For example, Adam and Eve. We all know the story. God said Adam could eat from any tree in the garden, except for the one tree in the middle, for if he did, that he would die. Then came Eve. She was probably just walking past the tree when she saw a serpent. The snake was Satan in disguise. He told her that God loved her and that she would not surely die. He twisted God's word into propaganda, which basically means to put something down to make something else look better. He made the fruit look like it was fine to eat and that God would never harm her. 

That's the lesson I want for y'all to take today. The Word is THE WORD. We cannot change it to our liking. Keep that in mind this week when Satan tries to tempt you. I will talk to you all tomorrow. (:


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