Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vera Bradley Haul Part 2!

 Alright, you made it to part 2. Congratulations! This is my personal part of the haul. This item was purchased by me for me. It is a makeup organizer.

 The name of this is the Mini Makeup Organizer.
 The pattern of this is Floral Nightingale.
It was originally $35, but I got it on sale for 50% off. The total price came to $17.
 It opens up with one zipper.
 There are 3 zippered pockets. They are clear.
 This organizer is perfect to take with you on a trip with multiple people. You can pick a place and hang it.
 There is a pocket where the hanger can be placed, but I would put cosmetic sponges in this area.
 Behind the largest pocket, are two small sections. I would put hair ties and bobby pins in there, or two small eyeshadows.
 This is what the bag looks like when I have it packed with all of my essential items. It is still rather small.

 These are the products in my bag. Comment if you want a whats in My Makeup Bag Video!
 My favorite part of this bag is the section behind the largest pocket. It is the perfect size for the Naked 2 palette.
There is also a back pocket.

I hope you enjoyed this 2 part haul!
What would you like to see next?